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    Bee Smart is invited to attend 2017 Jiangsu Science and Technology Form
     Createdate:2017-11-8 10:07:28 Hits:0

    2017 Jiangsu Science and Technology Form is held in Wujin Holiday Hotel in Octorber 10th.


    The forum gathers intelligent technology experts of different industrial, including mayor of Changzhou city: Chun DING; President of Provincial Association for science and technology,headmaster of Nanjing University and Academician: Jun CHEN; CEO of IFLYTECK: YuHU; Doctor advisor of Nanjing University and Academician: Zhihua ZHOU and etc. During the forum, Jun CHEN, the headmaster of Nanjing University shows great interest of Cloudring Robot and communicates for long time.




    As the representative of intelligent enterprise for Changzhou Science and technology city, the Cloudring Robot shows the technology and development of Changzhou city.